THE STAND Trailer (2020)

Trailer for The Stand

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46 thoughts on “THE STAND Trailer (2020)

  1. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I wish Hollywood would stop basterdizing Black-music so they can have a trendy juxtaposition in the trailer..
    Go back to sky beams and BWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHMMMMS

  2. Глеб фон Рамус says:

    Ruby Goldberg Best

  3. Deano Stanley says:

    It’s 2020. We already know it’s going to be terrible.

  4. 미꺽오빠Mikookoppa says:

    Rub a dub sub thanks for the grub!!!!

  5. yet another re-make,seems to me that the film industy is out of ideas,looking at this trailer,its exactly the same as the old one,i've seen it and own it on dvd,wont be looking at this one
    people need new stuff,not (bad) recreations of something that already exists,this one looks to be conformed to todays political view,being,a black leading role,changing the lead role into a conformity doesnt make the movie better,so,i am good with the movie i already have,you can keep this one

  6. Mitch Bookey says:

    I would lie to take a dump on Whoopi's chest

  7. cambion nation says:

    Broo this looks amazing

  8. Felinius Tigerclaw says:

    M O O N spells moon.

  9. Pyotr Raphael says:

    1:28. That’s the hotel from the Shining.

  10. Iron Maiden says:

    Looks like a cheap movie to make.

  11. Sweet Priyanka Chopra says:

    Most captivating than obvious

  12. gameguy 3080 says:

    Wtf I'll pass on this garbage!!

  13. emilio Rod says:

    It would of been better on hbo or something. It looks really soft for such a great story. I feel like they just “remade” the original tv series instead of something brand new and scary. It looks like 5 episodes of that stupid fox show Lucifer.

  14. ZwMfUcq akmal says:

    Hmmm, bagus keknya 7.8 menurut gua

  15. What is next?

  16. Sorry for the ridiculously long post but I thought it would be interesting to list all the "book to movie" adaptations that turned out good.
    Oh I know there was that…….. Oh what that one sucked too.
    ………… A little help here please cause I got nothing.

  17. Rosin Williams says:


  18. cbs? something like hbo would have given this a real budget and less restraint.

  19. Cashelle Cayenne says:

    I don't understand what I jus saw..

  20. Angela Grimsley says:

    The book is epic

  21. Shakiyah Crawford says:

    I'mma pass on this

  22. Colvin Cinema says:

    Trailers don't make sense anymore

  23. Whiskey Shred says:

    Is fancy Cyclops playing Gary Sinise?

  24. Joe Damore says:

    Is this the next Far Cry? Lol

  25. The Ginger Gyrl455 says:

    All I can think is how great Alexander Skarsgård looks in this.

  26. alvaro puente says:

    Jojo plagio te copiaron jojo

  27. Finesse Kid says:

    Bruh I thought that was Jim carry in the beginning 💀

  28. guy marshall says:

    This is going to be rubbish

  29. I have to agree that this really does looks trash.

  30. Hope Amber heard doesn't shit the bed in this one…

  31. Lovecraft H says:

    Oh dear god , if anyone wants me , I shall be watching the original …. because as much I love Alexander Skarsgard , he frankly couldn't scare the top off a rice pudding …

  32. Why the hell would you ruin one of my favorite books like that

  33. מתן תורג'מן says:

    Hi filmselect can i open a channel of yours in israel ? Ithink it will be very popular watchmojo did it do it too

  34. Pete Wallace says:

    This was supposed to be a three and a half hour movie with a hard R rating. WTF happened?

  35. choto bigboy says:

    Won't be watching,can't stand trans man whoopi

  36. chris costello says:

    The music at the end is the Fucking worst. I Cant deal with that shit anymore.

  37. Leigh Dean says:

    The original short series was really good. Hopefully this remake does it some justice

  38. Simon Garfunkel says:

    I saw one second of Amber Heard. No thanks

  39. 13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  40. Kerns_ Deathwish says:

    You cannot just create this crap and expect it to be better then the old movie, which was insanely good

  41. Mark Cahill says:

    Pennywise’s brother !

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