Trailer for The Mortuary Collection

Download THE MORTUARY COLLECTION Trailer (2020) Here


24 thoughts on “THE MORTUARY COLLECTION Trailer (2020)

  1. Norah ċḣȧṫ ̇ẇi̇ṫḣ ̇ṁė says:


  2. Brian Muenter says:

    Love the trailers! Great job! Do you a call actually listen to your video all the way through!? The "filmselect" promo music at the end is about 50 TIMES LOUDER THEN THE TRAILER audio. Please pay attention to that…rookie video editing mistake. Pay attention to audio levels

  3. What is the release date?

  4. Mr Devilday says:

    so basically tales from the crypt?

  5. Terror Former says:

    Another family friendly horror anthology

  6. I haven't heard of anyone making an anthology film for decades. They were popular in the 60's and 70's. Films like this were on TV all the times when I was a kid. Creepshow would be the most recent example I can think of.

  7. Tzarael Prime says:

    I think I'll see this.

  8. Lone Ranger says:

    Shazam couldn't find the song?

  9. It’s Vocal says:

    What's the music

  10. Shazamm the iPad Producer says:

    If Shudder wasn't the shittiest money stealing service on the planet I would watch it but F Shudder.

  11. louie reynoso says:

    Anyone know the song?

  12. Anya - I m live with cam says:


  13. Novad selir says:

    You have my attention

  14. DishonestHonest says:

    Well if it isn’t the greatest Sith Lord superman villain to ever exist. Mr Krabs

  15. Евгений Янг says:

    Лютая дичь но я гляну.

  16. WillOWisp says:

    This looks meh… but Mr Krabs is in it so it's fine

  17. Carole Peters says:

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  18. GEO_ ANIMATOR says:

    Every movie trailer thumbnail looks like a video game and I know I'm not the only one who's thinks like that

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