THE EMPTY MAN Trailer (2020)

Official trailer for The Empty Man

Download THE EMPTY MAN Trailer (2020) Here

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23 thoughts on “THE EMPTY MAN Trailer (2020)

  1. Martin Andersen says:

    Meh on the Meh scale running from Meh to Meh…

  2. HotBread Kitchen says:

    Looks like Jack Skelington got a new fit for Halloween. Nice

  3. Jus why not says:

    This is so stupid

  4. Mountain Guy says:

    Bloody Mary, male edition.

  5. Kurt Boulter says:

    This is a movie about the corrupt, Democrat Trojan horse, who is running for President, right?

  6. Patrick Martin says:

    Beetle Juice, Candy Man, Final Destination…😁😁😁 sounds familiar…✌✌✌

  7. Sebastian V says:

    Does he hangout with the bye bye man?
    Candyman ? Bloody Mary?
    Beatle juice?

  8. Master X-Force says:

    ……..COUGH candy man rip off (clears throat)

  9. Dirk Diggler says:


  10. Efren Rodriguez says:

    Movie should be called the empty bottle 🤓

  11. —QUANTUM KITTY— says:

    Is this what kids find scary these days? I take scarier shits than this movie. This movie looks so fucking stupid! Hollywood has lost its touch when is comes to the horror genre.

  12. Money wasted, so stupid I almost puke

  13. TheNinjaMarmot says:

    Who would win The Empty Man or Candy Man or….

    The Care Bears

    Yeah, stupid right? Like this movie.

  14. Mousy Pluta Prestige says:

    So….. if I blow into a empty bag of cheetos do I summon that cat?

  15. keyboard freedomfighter says:

    This dont look scary at all

  16. Ambient Ghost says:

    Me empty, me life no have, me sad very big.

  17. Terror Former says:

    Good lord I thought horror movies took a downfall like 10 years ago. There’s literally nothing good anymore. This looks so bad

  18. Abdulrehman Mohammed says:


  19. Andrew Dembegiotis says:


  20. Funny Skeleton😁🤣😂

  21. bengalibadass says:

    Boogeyman, Emptyman, Slenderman, Candyman, Superman, Batman, Ultraman, Ironman, Aquaman… All of them are pricks…

  22. They will literally make anything into a movie now I guess.

  23. This is so ridiculous 👎👎👎

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