MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020)

Trailer for Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich

Download MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020) Here


29 thoughts on “MONSTER HUNTER Trailer (2020)

  1. Karrar Jpar says:


  2. another MichaelBay film I guess ? (explosions everywhere .. no story too probably .. same sound fx .. same postfx on vid .. same .. same ) . And why Toni Jaa here ? is he going to fight monsters with his kungfu ? 😛

  3. ต้นวิสทีเรีย วิสทีเรีย says:


  4. Jeeshan Shaikh says:

    Neither the game impressed me nor the movie

  5. Owel James Cenidoza says:

    Looks like those monster's gonna have a taste of freedom!

  6. Face Mask Adventures says:

    0:57 for a second i thought im playing mad max

  7. Michael Strong says:

    This. Looks. Awful…

  8. another hollywood trash

  9. Mahodenk's says:

    Why….always,and always how can be,the main character is milla jovovich ( R:E ) again….????

  10. Ghost Spark aka. That Quirk Dude says:

    You really ruined a wonderful game series with cliche motives, characters, plot, and one liners? Ofc you did

  11. SMOKE HEAD says:

    Did anyone else see the blades of chaos

  12. Savage me says:

    That's the clover field world big monsters went to earth mean while they got sucked in the monster world

  13. RDNETWORK says:

    What the hell were the casting directors thinking

  14. Star Raptor says:

    Personally Ican't watch a movie with Mila Jovovich and take it seriously,the woman just doesn't have the face for that

  15. Rajat Sharma says:

    “ only in theatre “ i doubt that says corona

  16. Tenette Gerzon says:

    Tony Jaa is everywhere…

  17. Jerome Ryan Saure says:

    Towards the end they will fail to close the portal and monsters will be on earth just like jurassic world. This will setup part 2.

  18. Triune Blades says:

    Soooo is this happening in November or December? Asking for a friend…

  19. Ruff and tuff Entertainment says:

    It can't be real it's a myth only

  20. Cool Water says:

    Monster Hunter = Resident Evil.

  21. Ardi Muhamad says:

    On our six !

    Eyes : confused noises

  22. AltoVoltaje says:

    fracaso taquillero a la vista

  23. hope we can see spiky boi in HD

  24. asif khan says:

    Another resident evil movie

  25. emilio Rod says:

    It looks like a great time at the theater and that’s all people want

  26. Mohd Azlan Abu Hasan says:

    Pasific rim in the desert

  27. Crim Play says:

    The moment you know.
    The end of the trailer will be the end of the movie.

  28. DesertWolf says:

    Looks like one of those shitty movies one would watch on the sci-fi channel when one is bored. Is it possible for a video to cause cancer?

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