JIU JITSU Trailer (2020)

Trailer for Jiu Jitsu starring Nicolas Cage

Download JIU JITSU Trailer (2020) Here


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46 thoughts on “JIU JITSU Trailer (2020)

  1. whistle blower says:

    This corona season best actor award goes to Toooony Jaaaaa

  2. boubacar ndiaye says:


  3. dangermouseBETA says:

    What does this have to do with Jiu Jitsu? Never mind, Nic Cage and Ninjas.

  4. RighteousHero says:

    Nicholas Cage: "Whatever you said I'm in. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!"

  5. Piotr Kuzmicki says:

    “ I can fly too” – Nicholas Cage, 2020

  6. Seto Danu says:

    With all flying dagger …or else….nothing hitting the target…..i am not convinced 🤦‍♂️

  7. Animation Lab says:

    Looks like MK but with extra steps

  8. Maica Navarro says:

    Omgeeee!!! Tony Jaa is also here!? Good job for him

  9. Tammy Elizabeth says:

    He's crazy like me. Nick cage. Ooooook

  10. homesteadman75 says:

    So as long as the alien gets a good workout everything is cool?

  11. Looks like shit acting and story telling with just the right amount of action to make me part with some money.

  12. RDNETWORK says:

    Is it me or are movies just turning into garbage lol

  13. Ahmad Ibrahim says:

    Where is iko uwais?

  14. Lost me at starring Nicolas Cage

  15. danang dasilva says:

    Like Shadow Fight 3 game

  16. Heey ong bak guy 😄

  17. CoolMrjames says:

    Producer- "You got him?"
    Assistant – "Yes sir, Nicholas Cage!"
    Producer- "Nicholas? You IDIOT! I said get JOHNNY Cage! JOHNNY!"

  18. CoolMrjames says:


  19. sir auron says:

    Where r the armbar, rear nude chokes and triangle choke?

  20. ANDROSIYA says:

    The first forest scene looks like copy paste predator movie with some alterations

  21. Silent Echoes says:

    I can't tell if this is a spoof or not. Sign me up!

  22. Jack Holmes says:

    I know it's going to probably be a flop but I'll probably see it anyway just so I can escape 2020 for a couple of hours.

  23. Anoop Mathen says:

    Dumb copy,nick wrong choice of movie

  24. ดูจ๊องง๊องยังไงไม่รู้แฮะ

  25. this looks like it had a lot of potential and could’ve gone somewhere with the whole comet and alien portal, then they made it about martial arts with nicolas cage.

  26. JamesDolan1978 says:

    It's like Con-Air Meets Predator..but without all that talent and successful story writing behind it.

  27. Thadoe Auratha says:

    JIU JITSU using Predator in Myanmar starring Nicolas Cage?
    Sign me up!!

  28. Kidd Yuuta says:

    Complain complain complain, all you annoying ass ppl do is complain and compare as if every other movie isn’t like the rest of the world movies.

  29. Thang Phan says:

    Basicly Predator but with Martial artist alot of martial artist

  30. WhoRUIAmME says:

    I see a lot of striking but now jujitsu lol

  31. Akamai shi says:

    La nueva temporada de Call of duty mobile se ve brutal

  32. WhoRUIAmME says:

    Looks like utter shit

  33. Manpreet Chahal says:

    That's a power ranger villain…..with a better costume.

  34. Pratip Chakraborty says:

    Mortal kombat with predator?

  35. Dilip Shah says:

    They sure gonna lose! cause they picked every martial art practitioner except Jiu Jutsuian, if that's a word….Lol!

  36. An Anomaly says:

    Its like a sickly mix of Mortal Kombat and Predator. With cage being a Raiden stand in.

  37. Its Predator meets Mortal kombat.

  38. Kitkat ayemi says:

    101% another flop movie

  39. Aditya Sharma says:

    Wow the new Kickpuncher movie looks great

  40. Okay…. Sparking Helmet was nice.

  41. Sun Phoenix says:

    Crysis : the movie

  42. captainbrown05 says:

    Sooo the whole time i was waiting to see jujitsu and i saw nothing lol but I'll watch🤣

  43. Mortal Kombat + Predator

  44. Prue Matthews says:

    Twist in the end, the alien warrior will turn out to be nicholas cage lookalike or him from a future time or something to that end.

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