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45 thoughts on “Honest Trailers | The Boys

  1. Krishna Bawdekar says:

    "Batman is pretty much the same"😂😂😂

  2. Angshuman Biswas says:

    Sooo right about Stormfront!

  3. Rishabh Trivedi says:

    Do a honest trailer for The Boys season 2 please.

  4. Vivien Lobo says:

    Please do 13 Reasons why too!!!!

  5. Nihith Nath says:

    Please do boys s2…

  6. Anuj Sahay says:

    Please do Amazon The Boys Season 2

  7. James Stewart says:

    Louis Sea K 👌

  8. Hecking Aj says:

    Watching after season 2 is over is hilarious cause stormfront had a kid lmao

  9. That’s not true! The Boys has many other ways of humanizing characters:

    •Frenchie’s parents neglected him
    •Kimiko’s parents are dead
    •Homelander’s parents neglected him
    •A-Train’s parents are dead
    •Annie had one parent who neglected her and one parent who is dead

  10. Catedrátrico de Barsa says:

    3:16 – She had a kid, but she died from alzheimer.

  11. The Boys is the most accurate superhero show I've ever seen. From the capitalism to the wanton murder, it depicts what superheroes would actually be like if they were to exist.

  12. Bad Wolf XD says:

    OMFG he was so right about that nazi B wanting a kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Alex Stark says:

    If superheroes were idiots

  14. Amélia Evaristo says:

    gods country

  15. Tandri Anditya says:

    That "Louis Sea K" had Me weak man 🤣🤣🤣

  16. DeaaEldeen Zahalka says:


    turns out stormfront has a kid

  17. Admiralmeriweather says:

    I mildly chuckled at that last joke.

  18. Oi no professionals says:

    Black Noir can be stopped with an Almond Joy 😃 didn't see that coming

  19. Cockney lmao Australian 🤣 😂

  20. Tedddy Rodriguez says:

    I feel like Giancarlo Esposito is underrated since I don’t see him in many films.

  21. "has a kid"
    lmao, yeah, literally the show's primary way of manipulating the audience.
    And even when someone doesn't have a kid but regrets killing some kids in the past, everyone's like "oww, I forgive him, I hope he'll get a redemption arc".

  22. David K李誠彬 says:

    Um… you do realize this is the exact trailer the writers would want for this series…??
    Every bit of sarcasm embodies the actual intent of the storyline. It’s an overwhelming mockery of our current reality.

  23. ss032010310103 says:

    Do season 2. I dare you

  24. Donstar Playz says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the nazi

  25. Aldo velez says:

    "Extremely into his girlfriend guy"
    You mean a normal loving boyfriend?
    Can we talk abiut how they were right about stormfronts having/wanting a kid??

  26. Anurag Basu says:

    Butcher is the Batman in the boys..

  27. Phillip Rey says:

    Funny thing is The Flash also became a junkie in the comics at one point.

  28. Me when I was a kid: I wish everyone had superpowers!

    Me now: oh God that better never happen

  29. Vikas Janardhan says:

    Funny how stormfront did want a kid😂

  30. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Homelander's actor deserves an Emmy to say the least. He's am incredible actor, the more you hate a character, the better they are.

  31. Brooke Benne says:

    They have to do season 2 now!!!!

  32. ravi creed says:

    Please say 'Fu**ing Diabolical'

  33. Do yourself a favor and read the graphic novel, its 100 times better.

  34. Sloul De Tuc says:

    The Boys, the only good thing out of 2020

  35. bluchocolate123 says:

    When I started watching it I thought it would be another cheesy superhero flick but when A-train ran into that chick I was hooked!
    It's simple, quick paced and entertaining. Pretty well done.

  36. Gabrielle M. says:

    I still don’t know what starlights powers are

  37. tena2sweet says:

    I have to watch YouTube explainer shows because I can't handle all the gore in this show. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  38. Oh God. Stormfront had a kid too.
    And now I think Black Noir is Edgar's child.

  39. Dr Tedolf says:

    We need an honest trailer for the Peaky fooking Blinders oi.

  40. Mike and Ike's says:

    lol the nazi does have kids

  41. Greifvogel says:

    This show is so good, it's everything I want Marvel to be, while being aware of it and being a parody of Disney/Marvel

  42. IkeWasTaken says:

    They was right about stormfront

  43. Prakash chawla says:

    Do the boys 2

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