DEAD RECKONING Trailer (2020)

Trailer for Dead Reckoning starring Scott Adkins and K.J. Apa

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39 thoughts on “DEAD RECKONING Trailer (2020)

  1. AXIS MURCIA says:

    What the fff… the boss (Scott Adkins) is here.

  2. matthew styles says:

    This seems like a its trying to be a big action movie but with infinitely lower stakes. Oh no boat went boom. How will we ever recover

  3. My class made a short zombie film named Dead Rekoning back in 7th grade. Lets hope this one has higher production value馃槀

  4. This feels like a movie that was scrapped back in 2005 and revamped for covid. lol

  5. So Tired Of Dumb SHIT PEOPLE LOL LOL says:

    I鈥檒l wait for it when it鈥檚 in red box 馃憤

  6. Enjoy The Ride says:

    Lol…shouldnt this be a lifetime movie or was the audio intentionally louder then everything else to distract from the failure that was this trailer and movie.

  7. Clearly Balkan says:

    This is so trash and low quality, it is not worth to be put on VHS.

  8. Frank Martin says:

    Nope not interested. Nope

  9. TreeMunky says:

    So we're digging into 90s leftovers now?

  10. Best Action movie duo would be Scott Adkins and Jason Statham

  11. I like india eisley and james remar, scott adkins is meh. But this looks like TV quality crime thriller, not cinema quality.

  12. Uncle Homey says:

    I thought this was a zombie movie lol

  13. In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic says:

    looks uninteresting series vibe on a movie not cool

  14. 诪转谉 转讜专讙'诪谉 says:

    Hi filmselect can i open a channel of yours in israel ? Ithink it will be very popular watchmojo did it do it too

  15. American meme says:


  16. Andrew McCann says:

    Terrorist bomb, schmerrorist schmomb. The real terror is the lack of face masks and social distancing.

  17. Gaurav Dubey says:

    feels like 90's movie trailer

  18. Eren yeager says:

    Its from game lol馃槀馃槀

  19. Shazamm the iPad Producer says:

    Yuri Boyka in another movie

  20. Paris Throne says:

    Is this a comedy
    It鈥檚 the music choice for me 馃槜鉁岎煆

  21. Eric Robin says:

    Dead Reacking] apparently I actually never seen this show before. I think the show is really interesting and incredible show ever. I think I will be very excited to see the show on my antenna tv show cw I really love it alot it's really fascinating forcible intervention exclusively terrific character in this video is the best show ever I really like it alot. I think the writer and producer artist storyline director and crew executive producer cast did a terrific job making this film look so good

  22. Liricalgenius Vevo says:

    I'm watching it because scott adkins is in it,I don't want to miss any of his movies,I don't even care if it's boring lol I'm a big fan 馃槀馃敟

  23. Es como si el tr谩iler hubiese arrancado relativamente bien y hacia el final comienza a derrapar en pidada jjaja

  24. Orrin Chambers says:


  25. Ivan Bogovi膰 says:

    wtf is this movie ahahahaha

  26. This trailer is edited so oddly…

  27. I'll check it out if I can

  28. UgilyGhostGamerYT ZT says:

    Nah I鈥檒l skip watching this movie


    Wow! I'm speechless!

  30. SCORPIO REACTZ says:

    Hi how鈥檚 everyone doing

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